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Why would I choose a .io extension?

.io is a very short and cool extension to have for your domain. It is also perfect for you if you are starting a brand new business. It is a fantastic opportunity to use it to stand out, not many people nowadays own a .io domain! You should also settle down for a .io domain because there are way more domain names available with .io than the standard .com domain. Google also treats .io domains as fairly as any other world wide known extension. This means that this domain will not be only tied to the British Ocean region, that’s where the domain is assigned to geolocationally. Having also a two character extension means the domain name is going to be shorter than the usual domain names. This applies to writing emails for example, neary most of us have written an email at least once on our phones, when you type someone's email in and they have a long domain name there is a high chance you can make a typo and never get to send the email to them as the email will just not exist! While with the .io, it is really simple as most of the .io domains are really short!

Is the .io extension right for me?

If the business you are starting up is related to technology or even the projects you are going to be running on the website are related to tech this extension is perfect for you! If you don’t know, the extension “IO” originates from the term in computing “Input / Output”. So this extension is a direct association with technology and could be extremely handy to have!

To give you an example of startup companies that use an .io extension, I’ve listed a few below!

Trak.io // Modern sponsorship management
Import.io // Collecting web data

Redpen.io // Feedback tool for visual teams

What more could I do with a .io domain?

At Web World, we love seeing our clients get creative with their domain name extensions, on a day to day basis we see some really great domain names come through for registration. That’s why I think the .io extension is perfect for this! Think of anything that could sound with an “IO” noise at the end of a word, rad.io, cheer.io and so on! This also creates a community within the .io extension. Community consists of very creative people trying to make up brilliant names with a .io extension.

You can register your own .io domain with us for €44.95 + VAT, please reach out to us if you have any questions at support@webworld.ie.
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Introduction to a .me domain name

The domain .me is all about you, all about your ideas, your company, your travels, your ideas and so much more! You are your own person and if you want to start sharing your ideas or your business the .me domain has you covered.

Why Would I register a .me domain?

Personal Branding and Startups

You can register the .me domain for many many reasons. Some of the most popular ones are for personal branding and for personal startups. A lot of people want to start their own projects, businesses ideas etc and want a simple website with a simple name that can be easily looked up.

​Blog or Articles

It is also fantastic for running a blog where you can talk about anything that covers your interest and expressing your opinions! Blogs aren't as popular as they were a couple years ago, but with this tld suiting it for pretty much everything it could be a good time to open one!

​High Ranking Search

Google treats the .me domain equally as it would treat any other standard TLD such as .com .net .org etc.. This means that websites with a .com won’t rank above you in the google search as your website will be treated as equal as any other website.

Very Interesting Domain Names

You can also make up some very intriguing domain names such as: thebesttimefor.me or Foodfor.me that could turn into very interesting business startups that can attract a lot of attention from people.

You can register your .me domain right now for €9.95 + VAT at webworld.ie or if you have any further questions about registering a domain name you can email us at sales@webworld.ie.
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cPanel Introduction!

cPanel is a popular control dashboard that helps you manage your web hosting server using a very friendly graphical interface. It’s especially popular with shared hosts, where it’s the solution provided by most affordable hosting providers. Without cPanel, you would need technical knowledge to manage your websites/server. But with cPanel, you’re able to make changes using a graphical interface without any technical knowledge!

How do I access my cPanel dashboard?

You can access your cPanel by either logging in with the details we send you upon purchase of the hosting plan or by doing the following below:

If your website’s URL starts with https, add :2083 to the end of your domain.

This would be an example of how it looks like:


When you go onto your website with the following URL you will be brought to a white website with "cPanel" written in orange colour. Below it will ask you to type your username and password in, if you can't remember them or can't find them you can email us at support@webworld.ie and request them.

If you can't see the website please be sure that you typed the URL in correctly and if you are getting an error saying the website timed out, please contact us as you may be blocked on the firewall.

Once you're in you will be greeted by this look of cPanel, this is the default look of the dashboard without any changes made by us, you can customize it yourself by applying different types of themes.

Couple Things To Do Once You Launch cPanel!

​cPanel has a broad variety of features that can help you out in many ways, but when speaking to clients these seem to be the most familiar things to do first when you get cPanel running.
1.) Setting Up A New Email Account
It is really really simple to create your own email address using cPanel! All you have to do is just click on the "Email Accounts" icon as soon as you log in and from there on you can follow the pictures below to create the email you wish!
In the picture above you can fill out your username which could be anything you want your email to begin with, for example: info@yourdomain.com, accounts@yourdomain.com etc....

Once you have your email created, you can access webmail which is web interface mail application from which you can send and receive emails. We have an article about this which I will post below.

LINK: ​https://blog.webworld.ie/content/how-to-access-webmail

2.) Adding domains or subdomains​
On cPanel you can add and create two types of domains.

  • Addon Domains – these are completely standalone domains e.g. webworld.ie
  • Subdomains – these are prepended to your domain name, e.g. blog.webworld.ie

To add these domains under your panel, you have to be in the main dashboard and under the "Domains" section click into "Addon" domain if you wish to add a separate domain name and click into "Subdomains" if you want to add a subdomain.
You can have multiple websites hosted under one hosting plan, it depends on which one you ordered from us, for example, Cloud Hosting Plan 1 offers 5 domains to be hosted. This means you can have 5 websites working fully under the plan.

3.) How Do I Upload Files To My Hosting Plan?
When purchasing your Hosting Plan you would've gotten an email with a ton of information about your hosting plan including your password and the URL you can you use to log in. A part of the information given in that email is "FTP​" which you can use to connect to the hosting plan and upload your files from your PC using programs such as FileZilla. Another way to upload files to cPanel which is a lot simpler for people without the technical knowledge is just to upload files through the built in "File Manager".

To access this, from the main dashboard find the "Files" section and then under it go into "File manager". Once you click into File manager, a new interface will open which will look different to the original dashboard. This is where your website is stored. To upload a file or files click the "Upload​" as shown below.
This will open a new page with a box in the middle asking you to drop the files into the box or select the files manually, you can do either and those will end up in your file directory!

This concludes some of the first things you should do in cPanel and a very brief introduction to it. cPanel has a load of features that could help you out and you can take a look yourself and see something that can catch your eye. We also offer a lot of extra addons such as Wordpress, Joomla and a lot of other add ons you might be interested in having on your website! If you do have any questions please feel free to email us at support@webworld.ie
<![CDATA[Green Data Centre]]>Wed, 07 Apr 2021 14:02:45 GMThttps://blog.webworld.ie/content/green-data-centre

​Web World’s Sustainability Success

​At Web World, we appreciate that as high consumers of energy we have a responsibility to ensure that our sustainability strategies are a priority and constantly under review. How does a data centre become a sustainable business? We have discovered that with buy in from management, staff, and stakeholders, along with a willingness to look for alternatives and new processes, it is possible to become a sustainable and eco-friendly business. Look at our story below which describes the steps we have implemented to date. The results serve to spur us on to constantly improve and achieve more to protect our local community, country, and planet.

​ ​Web World’s Sustainability Success

​1.) Our energy supplier is ​​Energia Ireland’s greenest energy provider. As a result, we use 100% sustainable green energy in our data centres.

2.) We are consistently improving our power usage effectiveness (PUE). Our current rating is estimated at 1.5 and by implementing the latest technology and practices we are aiming to achieve a rating of 1. This means that most of the energy delivered to our data centre is used for computing purposes and wasteful supplementary activities are eliminated.

3.) Many customers are now looking for technology partners with a commitment to the green agenda. Clients of Web World data centres can enjoy peace of mind that their business information is being hosted in a sustainable data centre at a competitive price.

​An Important Step Towards Sustainability: Green Energy Supply for Web World

​Our collaboration with Energia has been a significant step towards developing this sustainable business model. Energia is an award-winning provider of electrical energy and were 2 named Winners of the Green Energy Provider Award at the Green Energy Awards 2020 for a second time. 

​Our Customers Are Part of This Success

​Every time, a user accesses a website hosted by Web World or uploads data to the cloud we believe it is our responsibility to ensure this task is performed in the most sustainable manner possible. Our customers have their own sustainability goals and as their technology partner we are proud to be in a position to help them achieve these green standards.

​Sustainability Policy

​Web World’s approach to sustainability is to do everything possible to ensure our energy consumption has a minimal impact on the environment. The nature of our business involves the consumption of large quantities of energy and our challenge is to build environmentally friendly initiatives into all aspects of our operation. We want to support our customers as they strive to implement their green agenda by providing best in class data centre facilities and customer service at an affordable price. We are proud that management and staff at Web World are fully committed to being part of a team providing sustainable digital services. Recent measurements of energy saving initiatives at Web World resulted in a saving of 60,000kg of CO2 emissions in a six-month period.

​Other Investments

Energy Saving Equipment
​Along with switching to an eco-friendly energy provider, we carried out a comprehensive inventory of our data centre equipment. We bid farewell to inefficient hardware and network components deemed heavy users of energy. These were replaced with sophisticated energysaving equivalents that minimise power usage and do not cause unnecessary oversupply. Our promise is that a green business can be profitable. Energy savings have reduced our expenditure which in turn is helping our company to operate more profitably increasing the value of our business and its attractiveness for future investors.
Re-Using Energy
​Data centre servers produce a lot of heat. We have implemented a system whereby we can take this byproduct of our activities and recycle it. The result - Heat generated from our servers in data centre 2 is now harnessed and used to heat the building. A win win for everyone, reduction in heating bills and a green initiative.

Concluding Words

​Our ongoing commitment is that Web World will continue to take advantage of ongoing technological developments to improve our energy efficiency and grow our green agenda. Our experience is that green does not necessarily mean expensive, and an eco-friendly business is a realistic goal. Web World is looking forward to working with clients with similar sustainability goals so that together we can contribute to a greener environment and a better future for Ireland. 
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​Slow Load Speed: A Web Designer’s Nightmare

​As a web designer, you bear the responsibility for a lot of things. You make the websites look gorgeous and work smoothly at the same time. That’s why such a hazard as slow load speed is not allowed to stop you from doing your job.

A few not-so-obvious best practices can help you in overcoming this obstacle.

​Page Speed is King, too

​The popular marketing saying “Content is king” forgets that users should be able to reach your content first. So, page load speed is the actual ruler.
Bing says that users are likely to abrupt their visits if your website is loading too slowly. It means more abandoned shopping carts and fewer conversions.
Those users who had enough patience are not likely to come back again. It means fewer retained customers and more marketing costs to attract new ones. Google considers slowly loading pages as malicious for a positive user experience and keeps them a​way from the search results

​Speeding Up Your Page

​We are pretty sure that you have been following these quite known best practices. Still, some may have slipped your attention.

Images Optimisation
Balancing image quality and file size is hard, but the reward is an accelerated page load speed.

CSS and JavaScript
There is no need to load the elements that users won’t see at the very first moment. The render path that assembles them in the background should only cover the visible part of the page.

CSS: Icons and Fonts
Another optimisation potential lies in using a single image sprite instead of saving each icon as a separate image file. Alternatively, save your icons as .SVG and use them as fonts.

Minimise Your Code
Comment tags and extra spaces make your HTML code more readable, but they also lead to slow load speed. The same applies to the CSS and JavaScript files. 

​Choosing The Right Data Centre

Web hosting remains unbelievably underestimated as a factor influencing page load speed. Moreover, you will often hear advice to use content distribution networks that scatter your content around the globe. Although this may help in preventing slow load speed, why not just turn to a local data centre instead?

Server Location Is Important
As you know, when a user tries to open a web page, his browser sends a ping to the server inviting it to load the page. The server follows the invitation and sends the information back. Desperate distances between the server and the user’s current location do not make it easier for your website.
But your content does not have to travel a few thousand kilometers. You can save a few crucial milliseconds by engaging a hosting provider that has a data centre nearby.
For instance, Web World servers are located in Dublin. That is a perfect match for websites that represent domestic Irish businesses. If your website mainly targets Irish users, consider this option seriously.

SSD Hosting
We are currently observing an important shift in the usage of core storage devices in the web hosting industry. Previously, all servers had hard drives. Many of them still use HDDs. Contrary to them, solid state drives (SSDs) consist of many memory chips. They are much faster in allocating the information: almost instantly compared to up to ten milliseconds that ​an old HDD would need.
Thus, SSD hosting keeps your website loading time as low as possible. SSD hosting is highly recommended for websites that expect a lot of visitors and are particularly sensitive to the slow load speed issue. Web World has drafted a few SSD hosting plans that cover any business size. Have a look: your option is surely among them.

Server Infrastructure and Other Factors
As a web designer, you may not be the person in your company to decide upon the choice of web hosting. But you can convince the responsible ones by pointing them to the factors that are essential.
Server Speed:
Time To First Byte (TTFB) is what you want to look at in the first place. This parameter stands for the time that it takes the server to respond to a client, in your case, to your user’s browser.
Uptime shows a percentage of the time that a server is up and running. Usually, it is a monthly rate. So, an uptime of 99,9% means that you still have to expect a 30-minute downtime every month. That’s why you need an even higher uptime rate.

Infrastructure That Makes Fast Hosting
​We arrive at the question of how you are actually going to make sure that a hosting provider is the right one for you. We prepared a list of things to check when choosing your web hosting:
  • Hardware: number of CPU cores and threads (the higher, the better)
  • Memory (the bigger, the better)
  • Usage of SSD (must be provided)
  • Broadband coverage
  • Support of the most popular databases, such as MySQL 

​If you look at the Web World dedicated server plans, you’ll notice that their data centre has everything to suppress slow load speed. Web World professionals are aware of the problem and how it influences web designers. At Web World, we work to provide you with a solid ground for making your websites highly performative and user-friendly.

Check our website for more information or ask a question through our live chat. 
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What are the opening times for Easter Holidays 2021

During the Easter Holidays this year, these will be the available times for support over the next couple days. We are monitoring our emails regularly and as always have engineers ready to respond in case of emergencies. Please take a look at the hours below.

Thursday 1st:            09:00 to 18:00
Friday 2nd:                09:00 to 18:00
Saturday 3rd:            09:00 to 13:00
Sunday 4th:               Closed
Monday 5th:              Closed
Tuesday 6th              09:00 to 18:00

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at support@webworld.ie, we will be monitoring our emails regularly during this period of time!
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Premium domains, what are they?

Daily, we get requests from clients to register the usual domain names. Most of them are usual domain names that end in .com or .ie. Very rarely do we run into a domain type which is also referred to as a “Premium Domain”. What is a premium domain you’re wondering, a premium domain has a very high value due to its potential of becoming a very popular website name. The reason they are different to normal domains is because the registrars put their registration price at a much higher price than normal. They can also up the cost of the renewals after registration and even transfers!

​All premium domains are different from each other, each registrar might own a couple of premium domains which they will value at their own idea of the domain. One premium domain might cost a couple thousand euro while the other might cost a hundred euro. For example, the domain food.me costs €7840 to register. Just to show another couple examples of domains, vaxe.com costs $28,999, cybermate.com costs $24,999 and vufu.com costs $42,999.

Why does this domain cost so much?

As I mentioned above, it can cost a lot because of the fact that it has a high potential of being a very popular website name. Or even from the past, the registrar saw that this domain attracted a lot of attention from the client and decided to up the price for the next person that will want to register the domain.

Can I check if a domain is premium? 

There is no specific way to tell when a domain is “Premium”, there are many factors that go into the “Premium” statement. You can use a website such as name.com to check if a domain is premium. Simply type the domain name in and take a look at the results that come up, if a domain is declared premium then a purple banner will appear on top of the domain saying that it’s premium. 

Is it worth buying a premium domain?

There is no specific answer to this question as it depends on the position of your business or anything related to the domain. As the example above, food.me cost over seven thousand euro and could be very important to a food provider.

The domain market is really an interesting place as it is constantly changing and evolving, there are constantly new extensions added into the market which allow a lot of new domains to get registered that will make surfing the web even more exciting than it already is!
<![CDATA[SpamExperts with Web World's Hosting Plans]]>Mon, 22 Feb 2021 17:04:09 GMThttps://blog.webworld.ie/content/spamexperts-with-web-worlds-hosting-plans

Nearly 100% filtering accuracy with close to zero false positives!​

​SpamExperts inbound anti-spam system offers full inbox protection for millions of emails every second of the day, and increases security at the network level. In this way, end-users are offered maximum control and email continuity, with the perk of saving significant human and network resources.

​SpamExperts unmatched spam intelligence is a direct result from processing millions of emails every second of the day. Incoming email filters have an industry leading rate of nearly 100% filtering accuracy with close to 0 false positives.
Filter Quality and Efficiency.
SpamExperts applies its self-learning smart technologies to eliminate spam mail before it reaches your network.

Incoming Email Filtering.
Improve employee productivity and be in full control of your email flow

​​Secure your network from spam, virus, phishing and malware attacks.
 SpamExperts applies its self-learning smart technologies to eliminate spam mail before it reaches your network.

Increased email continuity.
An extra protective layer of incoming filter to your email flow and infrastructure adds redundancy and continuity to your email delivery process. When the destination mail server is unreachable, SpamExperts filtering systems queue inbound email

Improve resource efficiency.
With our highly efficient first-level incoming filter defence running in front of your mail infrastructure, you will no longer need to deal with vast amounts of incoming email spam.​

​Increased email continuity

​Improve resource efficiency your network from spam, virus, phishing and malware attacks SpamExperts applies its self-learning smart technologies to eliminate spam mail before it reaches your network.

​SpamExperts applies continuous improvements in secure data collection and analyses, instantly detecting new patterns and identifying derails. That accumulated intelligence is shared in real-time with all other users worldwide, assuring timely protection against new threats

​Free SpamExperts​ with our Cloud Hosting Plans  3 & 4:


Hosting Plan 1 : SpamExperts - 50/year
Hosting Plan 2 : SpamExperts - €50/year
Hosting Plan 3 : Free SpamExperts Filtering
Hosting Plan 4 : Free SpamExperts  Filtering

Hosting Plan 1 : SpamExperts - €50/year
Hosting Plan 2 : Free SpamExperts Filtering
Hosting Plan 3 : Free SpamExperts Filtering
Hosting Plan 4 : Free SpamExperts  Filtering

​Secure your network from spam, virus, phishing and malware attacks

​Detect new spam and malware outbreaks immediately. Improve resource efficiency your network from spam, virus, phishing and malware attacks SpamExperts applies its self-learning smart technologies to eliminate spam mail before it reaches your network.

SpamExperts applies continuous improvements in secure data collection and analyses, instantly detecting new patterns and identifying derails. That accumulated intelligence is shared in real-time with all other users worldwide, assuring timely protection against new threats.


If you have any questions, or if you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us!
<![CDATA[Create Your Own Website]]>Thu, 11 Feb 2021 17:12:52 GMThttps://blog.webworld.ie/content/create-your-own-website2728168

What is a Weebly?

Weebly is a drag-and-drop website builder, so you drag website building blocks (such as a picture or a paragraph) to wherever you want them positioned on the page. This enables people to easily create personal sites and blogs suitable for every device. Weebly is really easy to use but really powerful, and suitable for all ranges of businesses, personal sites, blogs or e-commerce stores.


  • Drag & Drop: Intuitive site builder makes it easy for anyone to create a high quality website, blog or online store.
  • Full Customization: Build on and customize the system to create an experience unique to your brand and business 
  • Apps: Weebly’s App Center is a growing marketplace where you can find new apps, plugins and services to enhance your site.
  • Beatiful Themes: Stunning design with mobile-ready, responsive themes so every website looks amazing on every device.
  •  Save Money: Save time and money with website creation & management.

​Drag & Drop Simple Design is Core

You can intuitively drag new elements like titles, text, and images onto your site right where you want them and then simply click on each element to customize it just the way you’d like.

​Hosting & Weebly

We offer 4 shared hosting plans where basic Weebly Builder is installed for free. If you need to another Weebly plan we have 3 more options: Starter, Pro & Business.
Weebly Plans

​ What do you need to start?

  1.     Contact us to order your hosting plan and choose domain name.
  2.     Wait a moment for builder installation.
  3.     Open your Weebly Builder.
  4.     Click 'Edit Site' button.
  5.     Drag & drop your photos, type your text and put your elements into     the edit field.
  6.     Publish your page!


Open your hosting control panel:
Click 'Edit' Button:
Choose a layout:
Click 'Publish' and push your site to life!

​What is recommend?

Keep in mind that Weebly's plans depend on the type of website. For e-commerce sites, we recommend Pro & Business Plan. If you have any questions please contact email us.
Get Support
<![CDATA[How to setup a new Outlook Email Account]]>Tue, 12 Jan 2021 13:10:04 GMThttps://blog.webworld.ie/content/how-to-setup-a-new-outlook-email-account

We often get queries about how to set up emails on Outlook on a fresh PC or even add a new account onto it. In this article, I will be showing you how to set up your email from scratch and showing you how to add or change certain settings in your email.

First, you need to have created an email in cPanel. If you have not, please follow this quick guide in order to do so.

1.) Please log into your client area.
​2.) At the top of the client area, you should have a blue bar running across it, click into  “Services” -> “My Services” 
3.) Click into your designated Hosting Plan.
4.) Click into cPanel (Top-left hand corner).
5.)Go to Email Accounts (Click the email accounts icon in the icon menu).

If you are already signed into your hosting plan, follow step number 5 onwards.

At this stage you should see your email accounts, unless you have no email accounts then you can create one from there on by clicking the blue button on the top right side of the screen.

After you have created your account, you can access your email settings which are very important as they allow your Outlook to communicate with our mail server. If you click onto your email from the cPanel interface, and go into “Connected Devices” a screen with two boxes will pop up. The blue box has the secure settings and the yellow one has not. We recommend using the blue one and for this tutorial we will be using the blue one. The yellow one can be used if your Outlook is an older version, everything dating as back as 2010 is classified as old and is using an older method of encryption. It should look like this:
​Once you have your email created and your settings noted down, we can start moving onto Outlook.

Step 1

Once you have activated your Outlook, you can officially set up accounts on it. Step number one is to navigate to "File" as shown in picture 1, and then clicking "Add Account" under your current email that's signed in.

Step 2

After clicking into "Add Account", a window will pop up like below. That's where you type the email address you want to set up in Outlook. After you have typed your email in, click "Connect".

Step 3

Once you clicked connect, another window is going to pop up showing different options of connecting your account. Usually for connecting cPanel accounts you will be using IMAP or POP as shown in the picture. For this tutorial we will be connecting an IMAP account with the details provided from cPanel. If you don't have the settings that were mentioned at the beginning of the article, please note them down now as you won't be able to do the next step if you don't have them.

To briefly explain what each do, POP3 will download all the emails onto your phone from the mail server and it will delete them, meaning you won’t be able to access them from a different device. IMAP does the opposite and it stores them on the server and you can access it from multiple computers. This will automatically connect to the server meaning you won't need to type in the settings manually. 

Step 4

After selecting which type of connection you're going to be using for Outlook, the account settings window will pop up and it will look like the picture below. This is where the settings that you got from cPanel are needed. You have to fill out each slot as it's named in the settings for cPanel.

Example: Incoming Server (cPanel Settings) -> Incoming Mail (Outlook Settings)
                 Outgoing Server (cPanel Settings) -> Outgoing Mail (Outlook Settings)


The port is filled in which type of connection you're using. If you are using Secure connection settings, you're going to use PORT: 993 for IMAP and PORT: 995 for POP. For the Outgoing port it's PORT: 465.

If you are using a non-secure connection, you would be using the following settings. PORT: 143 for IMAP and PORT: 110 FOR POP. For the non-secure Outgoing port it's PORT: 587.
I have underlined the two check boxes as they make the whole connection more secure. It's not necessary to keep them checked, if you do have any problems in the future with connecting, you can un-tick these to see if they help you connect to your email.

Once you have your settings are placed in, click "Next" and move!

Step 5

This step is really simple but also very important. It's the last step on getting your email set up and it's typing your password into the box. Make sure you are typing it in correctly as if you type it in too many times you will have to ring us to get yourself unblocked on the firewall! Once you're done, click continue!

Step 6

Once you have completed the steps above, that's everything done with setting up your email on Outlook! From here on you can add another email address to Outlook or just continue back to the main page and start using Outlook!

I hope I have explained this process well and that it aided you with setting up your Outlook! I know that my outlook or the look of the windows might not be the exact same match as yours but try your best to keep with this article as the process is very simple to other versions!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us via email, support@webworld.ie and send us a picture or screenshot of the issue or question you're having!