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Support System

​We would like to inform our clients that from the 1st of July 2019, our phonelines have been updated. You will be asked when making the call to choose what department you wish to be connected to. Each department requires certain actions to be done before ringing our support center.

Before contacting our support center, we recommend you open a ticket with us and send all the necessary information that will be needed to resolve the issue that you’re currently experiencing.
After opening a ticket with us, our system will generate a Ticket ID for you, please always have this Ticket ID ready when calling our support center.

All account changes can only be made via a ticket opened from the client or an email sent in from the registered email address of the account. We will still help you, but our help will be limited if you are not the contact address. We also strongly recommend opening a ticket from the client area as they skip straight to our system than a usual email address does. Opening a ticket from the client area is the most efficient and quickest way of opening a ticket. When sending in a ticket be sure to add as much detail about the issue as you can to make it easier and faster for our Support Staff to resolve the issue.

​Most technical issues will not be resolved over phone as these do require more attention in order to fix them. We do understand the frustration when something isn’t working as it’s supposed to be. We always aim to solve the issue as fast as possible.

​The reason we rely on tickets is they allow us to see more information about the issue than talking over phone, they also guarantee us fast and efficient access to your account to resolve the issue.

​When ringing in our support center, please have either one of these ready. Ticket ID, Customer Number or Invoice Number.

You can reach us at support@webworld.ie or TEL: ​(01) 495 1112, we are open 9am to 9pm Monday to Friday.
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The life of a domain

​The domain has a very interesting life if you could say so, strange right? Thinking that a domain may have a life or anything besides that it hosts your services. It all starts off from the day you register it at your chosen web hosting company.

Registered Period

​The domain is brought to life by you registering it, for this article we will go with my domain which is ieattacoeveryday.com, from then on I pay the web hosting company for registering it and then it’s mine domain and I own all the rights to it.

Every year you pay a price to keep it alive, you can always renew it for more than 1 year if you don’t want it bothering you every year.

Grace Period

​Let’s say I forgot to renew my domain on the day of expiry, from then on it will go into a grace period which makes the domain in-active and makes your website go down with all your services attached to it as well. You can still renew for the same price, but some companies tend to put a late fee depending on how long you take to renew it.

Grace Period Lasts from 30 - 45 days.

Redemption Period

​If I still don’t renew my domain after the expiry period it goes into the redemption period, this is the worst period your domain can go into while you own it, it costs a huge amount of money (Ranging $250+) to make it active again as registrars tend to delete all the information about that domain to make it go available again after the redemption period in which it will be deleted.

Redemption Period Lasts 30 days.

Deleted and Renewed Period

​The Final period in which the domain is deleted and put back into the domain pool in which it can be registered again.

How does Web World keep track of Domains?

We always strongly recommend our clients to renew the domain at the earliest time they can to prevent it from getting into the Grace Period or the Redemption Period, we have multiple protocols set in our system to keep you reminded about the status of your domain, also logging into your client area and managing your domain will help you a lot too as you can gather valuable information from there.

You will receive emails about your domain expiring. 

First Notice - 60 Days
Second Notice - 30 Days
Third Notice - 15 Days
Fourth Notice - 7 Days
Fifth Notice - 1 Day

If you do have any queries or questions please do not hesitate to contact us at support@webworld.ie or give us a ring at TEL: +353 14951112
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Customize Your Requirements

​You might find yourself sitting in front of a computer, wondering, which one should I go for and which one will suit my needs the most? A VPS? Or a Dedicated Server?
I will run you down in this article on the positives and the negatives of both products and hopefully resolve the issue you’re having on deciding which one to choose. First, we will start of with the basics, what are dedicated servers and VPS?


A VPS is a Virtual Private Server, all clients on the server appear as if they are on separate machines but they aren’t, the VPS simulates the environment of having a machine fully dedicated to you, they are extremely like shared hosting yet so different through hardware, software and the amount of resources they contain.

​You do get more resources in a VPS than shared hosting due to the fact that VPS are supposed to be compared to dedicated servers.

Advantages of a VPS


Hosting a server on a VPS is going to be cheaper most of the time when comparing it to a dedicated server, the reason it is cheaper is because it allows the hosting company to divide the space of the VPS among multiple users hence the price being lower than having a fully dedicated server.
Customizability & Scalability:
VPS are extremely customizable on software and resource wise, you can choose as much ram as you want in your personal VPS just like you would in a computer.

The good thing is that it is all virtual and you can always add more if you find yourself needing more power or even if you’re not using the full amount you have bought.

You can always scale it down to save yourself a bit of money! That example was just based on ram, but it can go with CPU cores, HDD, etc.…

Dedicated Server:

A dedicated server is a server which is assigned to one client, the client has full access to the range of resources on that server, this does include network access, RAM, CPU, HDD Storage.
​It is usually extremely powerful as it may serve more than one purpose depending on the company/client using it.

Now that you have a rough idea of what they both are I will run you down through some of the advantages and disadvantages of both products.

Advantages of a Dedicated Server

The dedicated Server is going to be extremely fast and responsive compared to the VPS as it isn’t shared and has all its resources stored it to itself. It can also hold more resources than a VPS due to the structure of hardware allowing it to hold more ram and other components.
Dedicated servers are more secure than VPS due to the fact there is no one else on that machine, in the case of the VPS you’re stored on a machine with other users as previously stated which does already signal possible threats, being honest, the chances are extremely low in any shape of form for your data to be breached or hacked. With dedicated servers you are completely by yourself on your own machine, and the only way your information could be stolen is by being hacked, luckily, the security of dedicated servers is very good which will protect your data safely.
As I stated before in the description of a Dedicated Server, the client does have full access to everything, you can change various settings in software and hardware. This is also handy for people that do know what they want and what they need from a server as they can configure as much as they want.


​I will give you my personal opinion on both of the products, they are both amazing on what they offer, I understand why people at times do not know which one to choose.
Personally, if your business is small and you need manage your online website, a VPS would be perfect for you as you do not have to process much information in the background. If your website is big and you have a lot of data to process then I would suggest a dedicated server for your needs. Luckily if you found yourself reading this and finding out that you want one of those services, Web World offers both of them! We also offer a huge amount of customizability for both of the products for you to find what suits you the best!

Contact Us

Contact us at support@webworld.ie for more information or give us a ring at TEL: (01) 495 1112, We are open 9am to 9pm Monday to Friday.
<![CDATA[Fantastic Email Only Hosting Plans]]>Thu, 27 Jun 2019 09:17:25 GMThttp://blog.webworld.ie/weblog/fantastic-email-only-hosting-plans

Email Only Hosting Plans

Web World offers two distinctive email only hosting plans which offer a huge variety of features which will aid you in having a fast and clean email experience.

Our team at Web World is fully experienced with email hosting plans, setting up emails and of course dealing with any queries or problems you may have with your email.

If you want to view the plans on our website I provided a link : https://www.webworld.ie/email.php

Our first Email only hosting plans Starts at €25.00 per year, it includes 10GB Storage Space which is available to be spaced out over the 50 accounts if you end up using the limit, also, you have  50GB Transfer.

Our second email only hosting plan costs €50.00 per year, it includes 25GB Storage space which is spaced out over 250 accounts for users and a massive 100GB Transfer.

Our email only hosting plans our placed on our fastest servers which will allow you to move around your mail box quickly and efficiently, we also offer tons of exciting features for our email only hosting plans:
  • Your emails will look like this: yourname@yourdomain.com
  • Webmail for accessing your emails remotely or when you’re on holidays.
  • Web based administration system
  • Personalized SMTP Server (mail.yourdomain.com)
  • Unlimited email aliases & forwarding
  • Vacation Message.
  • Spam Filtering (SPF, Greylisting & RBL)
  • No setup charge or minimum contract.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Email Only Hosting Plans

You get 5gb per email account if you end up using the limited number of accounts on the first plan, on the second plan you will get 10gb of storage per email account if you end up using the limit of 250 accounts. Comparing this to other companies’ email hosting plans you would get 500mb per email account.  Our Spam Experts filtering is also included in both plans, it will save you €50.

Only Email hosting plan, comparing it to our normal hosting plan you don’t get the benefits of hosting your website or having access to Weebly website builder, 2 data bases, 394 scripts and free SSL Certificates. Also, you get a free. xyz domain for 1 year. That is the cheapest plan of hosting, the more expensive ones offer more and better benefits.​

Contact us for more information!

If you would like to register for Email only hosting plan please contact us at accounts@webworld.ie ​ and if you need more information please don't hesitate to contact us at support@webworld.ie
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Our dedicated & VPS Servers

Web World has 20 years' experience in the hosting industry and is one of the Ireland's leading hosting service and wireless broadband providers. We offer shared hosting, Cloud, VPS, dedicated, co-location, and domain registration services all from our own Dublin Data centers.

Our servers are built with reliable brand name hardware & can be customized to meet your specification.

We also offer multiple upgrades to your server if you wish to purchase them, we have multiple hardware upgrades, disk upgrades (SSD) and hosting upgrades.

Gaming Servers

We offer the best performance for online gaming, high-performance game servers are available at any scale, these servers promise you to run your games on a lag-free, fully redundant network with no problem what so ever! We offer DDoS protection, Multiple Tier 1 Carriers, Quick Setup and certified Hardware.

Our Bare Metal Gaming Server - Special Offer!

This Bare Metal Gaming Server offers the following:
  • Server: HPDL380
  • Processor: 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2630:
  • Disk 1: 240GB SSD
  • Disk 2: 240GB SSD
  • Data Transfer: 50TB
  • Raid: Hardware
  • Memory: 32GB RAM
  • Operating System: Centos 6 x64 Minimal Install
  • Network: 1Gbps

Set up charge: €50.00 + Monthly: €100.00

Why Web World?

Web World guarantees 99.99% up-time with diverse high capacity network connections feeding into the data center. We assign a personal administrator to look after your server. Rest assured you can trust your server with us, we are totally dedicated to you and your needs.

Please contact sales@webworld.ie if you are interested in this offer!
<![CDATA[BizExpo 2019 - City West Hotel 6th of June]]>Wed, 05 Jun 2019 08:20:14 GMThttp://blog.webworld.ie/weblog/bizexpo-2019-city-west-hotel-6th-of-june

Join us at BizExpo 2019 tomorrow in the City West Hotel!

​Biz Expo is Ireland’s largest B2B trade show, conference and networking event, dedicated to small business owners and business professionals. The event has been held in Dublin since 2011. Biz Expo brings together thousands of business and decision-makers to network and shop for products and suppliers throughout Ireland. In additional to our large exhibitor hall, there is a host of networking opportunities including: business-critical workshops, speed networking, business card exchange and main stage presentations. Admission is free to business owners and professionals.

Biz Expo 2019 will take place at Citywest Hotel & Convention Centre on Thursday, 6th June, 2019. 

Please be sure to attend this event and if you do please come by and say hello!
<![CDATA[Easter Holidays Opening Hours]]>Thu, 18 Apr 2019 16:47:31 GMThttp://blog.webworld.ie/weblog/easter-holidays-opening-hours

Easter Holidays Opening Hours

During the Easter Holiday period our telephone support will be available at the following times:

19th of April (Fri) - 9:00am to 18:00pm                                               21st of April (Sun) - Closed  
20th of April (Sat) - 9:00am to 12:00pm                                             22nd of April (Mon) - 9:00am to 18:00pm

Our emergency support line is available 24/7.
<![CDATA[Registering a .ie and a .com domain with us!]]>Wed, 03 Apr 2019 19:02:12 GMThttp://blog.webworld.ie/weblog/registering-a-ie-and-a-com-domain-with-us

The most common email we get is how do I register a domain?

Fortunately, it is very simple to register a domain, I will also guide you in this blog post how to register a .com and a .ie domain! Be sure to follow each step carefully and you will have absoloutely no problems!

Step 1: ​Head to webworld.ie and click the domains tab.

You should be brought to a window looking exactly like the image below. In the yellow area with the text “Find your new domain name” type in your designated domain name and search it to see if its available. If its available select the ending of the domain you wish, .com or .ie or any of the wide variety we offer! After that click “Add to cart" and follow to check out!
Here you will be met with an interface looking like this:
You can enable the ID Protection if you wish for €5.00 a year, if you want specific nameservers you can fill them out in the 5 boxes below and if you don’t want to or you don’t know what they are leave them as it is. After you click continue you will be brought into a “Review & Checkout” section, this will just show you the product you want to order which will be your domain, the price will be included with the VAT added onto it. Click checkout and that’s this step done!

Step 2: Register your account, remember to include the exact Zip Code

​​After clicking check out you will be brought to this interface, you will be asked to fill out your billing details, the zip code is very important, be sure to get the exact zip code as it is necessary to register a domain, if you include a zip code like “D24” , we will have to contact you about the zip code which will further delay the process. You can find your zip code at ( www.eircode.ie ) . If you have a TAX ID, you of course can include it if you wish. Fill out the small information about how you heard us and if you do not have a VAT Number don’t worry about it it’s not necessary. You will also have a section for “Domain Registrant Information”, this is very important as if you’re registering the domain for someone else you will have to provide their details, address, name, zip code, example if you are a freelancer you will have to include the person’s details that is going to own the domain, if it is for yourself keep it as default. Below that you will have a password section, be sure to use the strongest password you can to prevent hacking. Finally, there will be a payment section where you choose your preferred payment method. After you filled out this section click that you have agreed to the Terms of Service and complete your order! If you chose a bank transfer be sure to pay your money if you do not pay your money this domain will not be activated until the money comes in and it is confirmed. The reason we don’t activate the domain straight away when the order comes in is because as soon as we order your designated domain and you will not pay us the money, we can’t refund the money as it’s a one-way system.

Step 3: Finished!

After you make an account and you finish registering your details and you continue on, you will be able to access your client area and from there you will be able to see all your products, domains and all the invoices you have paid or are outstanding, from here on we take on registering your domain and passing it onto the registrar.

How to register a .ie domain?

Registering a .ie domain is literally identical to registering a .com domain, the only difference is you will be met with a form like in the image below before going into check out. Just like I stated above in registering a .com domain, these details do have to be the person which will be in charge of the website, if you’re registering it for someone be sure to fill out their details and not yours!

Any questions?

Please don't hesitate to contact us at support@webworld.ie, we will gladly help you!
<![CDATA[With FASTPASS no more need for registering a .ie domain again!]]>Fri, 22 Mar 2019 17:06:16 GMThttp://blog.webworld.ie/weblog/fastpass


​FASTPASS is the new way to register a .ie domain if you already have registered one. If you own multiple domains or just one and you're looking to expand your collection of domains you will not need to go through the process or registering your domain ever again!

Why would I need FASTPASS?

You may need a FASTPASS if you want to register multiple .ie domains, next time you're registering a .ie domain you will not have to send proof of any relation to Ireland just like you had to when you were registering your first .ie domain. This also means it will be quicker to register than having to wait until your documents are accepted!

Can I use FASTPASS without a .ie domain?

Sadly you can't use FASTPASS without a .ie domain, but you can now register a .ie domain by contacting us at accounts@webworld.ie .

What are the positives of owning a .ie domain?

The positives of having a .ie domain are fantastic! If there is a domain taken that ends with .com, don't worry! There definitely is one free for .ie! It is also clearly distincted in google and are greatly indexed!

Any questions?​

If you have any questions regarding FASTPASS please don't hesitate to contact us at support@webworld.ie, we will gladly assist you in any needs.
<![CDATA[AutoUpdater at WebWorld]]>Wed, 02 Jan 2019 14:31:15 GMThttp://blog.webworld.ie/weblog/autoupdater-at-webworld

What is AutoUpdater?

AutoUpdater is an AI technology to compare the before-update and after-update versions of your website before pushing changes to production that isn't right, we'll leave the site as it was and notify you immediatley.

Why do we provide AutoUpdater?

As a hosting company we are committed to rate the security of our client's websites. Our clients in the GDPR Laws are entitled to secure their websites, especially, if our clients are processing any kind of personal information. If your website gets hacked, you will be in trouble and especially all the clients information you had in your business.

Why should I use it?

Last year more than 1.5 million websites were hacked within 24 hours of a WordPress update being released. Why? Because these site owners failed to take the time to apply the update and protect their sites. Even worse, the sites were not individually targeted but rather identified by hackers they had no been properly updated. To avoid falling victim to hackers it is essential that your websites stay updated, that is why we launched AutoUpdater, the AI technology that protect your site from these intrusions by applying all patches and updates safely and entirely behind the scenes.

What are the benefits to using AutoUpdater?

What are the benefits you may ask? The benefits are that the AutoUpdater will do it all for you! You can schedule time for AutoUpdater to run at a convenient time for you and your website. AutoUpdater will also rollback your website in the event of an update being unsuccessfully installed AutoUpdater will automatically restore your site, you never have to worry about a broken site being pushed to production again! AutoUpdater also automatically e-mails you with a status report when updates are complete, evem better, AutoUpdater will send you pictures of your site with before and after the update so you can examine the update without ever opening a browser.

What are the prices for AutoUpdater?

AutoUpdater is available from WebWorld at an exclusive price of €5.00 per month or €50.00 per year. Taking care of your website is easy with AutoUpdater from WebWorld.

Order Now