How to access webmail directly

There might have been a time where your outlook seemed to have stopped working and you needed urgent access to your email account, you searched through your mailbox looking for that email you got from us with your details to log into your hosting plan but no luck.

We get so many calls every day saying that “my email has stopped working”, but don’t worry, we have sorted out your problems with this article.

We have created a program that will be able to show you where to log into your web mail. Your webmail is a mailbox that’s directly accessible from your browser, no need for third party programs such as Outlook.

Right let’s get into it, it’s not difficult at all and pictures have been included for clarification purposes.


STEP 1: Please go to : , type in your domain into the “Domain Name” search bar. Click enter and copy the IP Address Result you receive.

You should receive this type of result after typing in your domain.

STEP 2: If you see your domain name on the left and IP on the right, please copy your IP Address into the following window to get your final result.

Input IP

Please follow the instructions after putting your IP Address in to directly access your webmail account.

If the domain name is not visible on the left and you can see or, go to: to log in to your email account.


If that isn’t what you got in the result tab and you received something like this, it means that your domain is redirected, or your domain can be expired. In both cases please contact support using
a) Expired domain:

Emails could stop working from various reasons, most common reason though is an expired domain. If a domain is expired, the emails and websites connected to it stop working.
b) Email spam filtering enabled:

If you have any queries you can reach us at TEL (01) 495 1112 or email us using