You might find yourself sitting in front of a computer, wondering, which one should I go for and which one will suit my needs the most? A VPS? Or a Dedicated Server?

I will run you down in this article on the positives and the negatives of both products and hopefully resolve the issue you’re having on deciding which one to choose. First, we will start of with the basics, what are dedicated servers and VPS?

A VPS is a Virtual Private Server, all clients on the server appear as if they are on separate machines but they aren’t, the VPS simulates the environment of having a machine fully dedicated to you, they are extremely like shared hosting yet so different through hardware, software and the amount of resources they contain.

​You do get more resources in a VPS than shared hosting due to the fact that VPS are supposed to be compared to dedicated servers.

Dedicated Server:

A dedicated server is a server which is assigned to one client, the client has full access to the range of resources on that server, this does include network access, RAM, CPU, HDD Storage. It is usually extremely powerful as it may serve more than one purpose depending on the company/client using it.

Now that you have a rough idea of what they both are I will run you down through some of the advantages and disadvantages of both products.


Hosting a server on a VPS is going to be cheaper most of the time when comparing it to a dedicated server, the reason it is cheaper is because it allows the hosting company to divide the space of the VPS among multiple users hence the price being lower than having a fully dedicated server.

Customizability & Scalability:

VPS are extremely customizable on software and resource wise, you can choose as much ram as you want in your personal VPS just like you would in a computer.

The good thing is that it is all virtual and you can always add more if you find yourself needing more power or even if you’re not using the full amount you have bought.

You can always scale it down to save yourself a bit of money! That example was just based on ram, but it can go with CPU cores, HDD, etc.…


The dedicated Server is going to be extremely fast and responsive compared to the VPS as it isn’t shared and has all its resources stored it to itself. It can also hold more resources than a VPS due to the structure of hardware allowing it to hold more ram and other components.


Dedicated servers are more secure than VPS due to the fact there is no one else on that machine, in the case of the VPS you’re stored on a machine with other users as previously stated which does already signal possible threats, being honest, the chances are extremely low in any shape of form for your data to be breached or hacked. With dedicated servers you are completely by yourself on your own machine, and the only way your information could be stolen is by being hacked, luckily, the security of dedicated servers is very good which will protect your data safely.


As I stated before in the description of a Dedicated Server, the client does have full access to everything, you can change various settings in software and hardware. This is also handy for people that do know what they want and what they need from a server as they can configure as much as they want.

Personally, if your business is small and you need manage your online website, a VPS would be perfect for you as you do not have to process much information in the background. If your website is big and you have a lot of data to process then I would suggest a dedicated server for your needs. Luckily if you found yourself reading this and finding out that you want one of those services, Web World offers both of them! We also offer a huge amount of customizability for both of the products for you to find what suits you the best!

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