.tattoo and .ink domain names

Two intriguing domain extensions

The .ink and .tattoo names lend themselves to similar markets. Of course, .tattoo more specifically addresses the tattoo, tattoo artist and body art market. The .ink domain is also used by this group but its connotations with writing, drawing, and art more generally means that it has a wider variety of uses, including by journalists and authors. 

The .ink domain is, in a word, evocative. It brings to mind inkwells and flourishes on the page. It can also be animalistic, in the case of SquidMag.ink! The site is a blog and resource dedicated to African comics and animation. The choice has a double significance since clearly the “squid” name works well with ink, but the subject matter itself is about comics and animation, which itself is ink art!

On the .tattoo side of things, it’s hard to beat oops.tattoo! In the perfect ironic twist, it is in fact a tattoo studio in the business of making tattoos not removing them.

Substack and social media influencers have created a new era of independent journalists and pundits. One 1930s magazine, True: The Men’s Magazine, was reborn as True.ink. It covers adventure and potential from a bygone era, think chasing General Patton’s Ghost, making hard cider, and obscure Greek island adventures.

When thinking of the intersection of .tattoo and .ink, it seems pretty intuitive. Tattoo artists sites, tattoo studio sites, sites for products for those groups like inks and tattoo care. What you might not have guessed is the huge amount of temporary tattoo sites! Intrigue.ink, Coper.tattoo, Bunami.ink, Tatology.ink, Instant.tattoo, Everink.tattoo are all examples of temporary tattoo stores.

I hope reading about the possibilities that writers and artists have found with .ink and .tattoo domain names has inspired you to search around, even if you are in an entirely different field. If you are a writer, artist, or tattooist, we have a current sale on .ink and .tattoo domain names! 

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