How to access your webmail

If you’re using Outlook/Thunderbird or some other software to receive your emails and suddenly you find that you can’t see any incoming emails, don’t panic! Your emails are on our servers, but your accounts lose access to them.

What does a single email journey look like? 

Someone is sending you an email. Mail is delivered to our 24/7 live servers (i.e. your email is “in cloud”). The email is then redirected to your device, displayed using Outlook or another email viewing system. So if for some reason you can’t see the emails on your laptop/phone – don’t worry, just login to the server

How to access the server?

The way to access your webmail account is:

https://mail.[your domain name]/webmail

You will then have to put in your email and password for the webmail. After that you should be logged into your webmail account that is assigned to your domain.

Why is there a blank page displayed when I try to login to Webmail?
This means that your IP is blocked from webmail. To resolve this you will have to go to and  or send us an email at with your IP to try and resolve the issue

Ok, but why can’t I see my emails on my device?

It could be for various reasons: your domain has expired, there is no more disk space on your plan, or something has been hacked, but really this is only 20% of all causes. The most common reason, however, is the blocking of the IP address. Sounds concerning? It’s nothing to be concerned about.
The reason why your IP for your webmail could be blocked is because inputting the incorrect password too many times will get your IP instantly blocked from trying to gain access to your webmail for a certain amount of time. So say if 5 people from your office have access to the same webmail account and all of them are connected to the same IP address, if one of those people guesses the password wrong too many times, all 5 people will have no access to that webmail for some time.

If you have any further questions, contact us at and we will be happy to help you.