Email Only Hosting

Email Only plan suited for your needs

EA lot of businesses invest in a fancy website, but their emails are kept with gmail or an unpopular email provider.  What would happen if you had to pay all of a sudden for your email account(s)? In this case, why not use the email which is free with your Hosting Plan!
Hosting spaces includes many excellent solutions for individuals and businesses. You can use email addresses like  “”, they will look much more professional than the personal email—and the best part is, it’s free!
Do you own a hosting plan already? You can open email accounts for your personal use and create many new emails accounts under our hosting plans. You can use your hosting space, point all emails traffic onto our servers, and keep all services together.  With our hosting package, we can offer you email space for more than 1 domain name, it means that you can store few different addresses with a few different extensions, for example:,,

10GB, How much is that?

A plain text email usually takes up no more than 0.1 megabytes of storage. So you could store at least 100’000 plain text emails (10GB). Now, emails also allow you to send images and/or other files, which most providers limit to 10 megabytes in total. Assuming you receive those all the time, you could store about 1000 emails.

10GB for €2.10 per Month?

If you don’t need a website, but you would like a personalized email address ( then our Email only Hosting Plans are perfect for you! We can open a new account for all users and offer 10 GB of storage for 50 user accounts for €2.10 per month!

Storage: 10GB
Accounts: 50 users
Transfer: 50GB
Price: €25.00 per year
Storage: 25GB
Accounts: 250 users
Transfer: 100GB
Price: €50.00 per year

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at