ESET is an antivirus company which has been around for three decades and offers innovative technology that their customers can rely on to protect their devices. ESET is currently protecting 111,000,000+ customers worldwide with the coverage of over 200+ countries!

What is ESET’s end point security?

Endpoint security is the protection of your endpoints against cyber attacks. This means securing your laptops, desktops, smartphones and other endpoints specifically, as they are vulnerable access points for viruses, malware and other cyberthreats.

Endpoint security has a number of different forms, including antivirus software and firewalls. ESET’s endpoint protection uses a multilayered approach to securing endpoints like mobile devices and laptops.

Why have we decided to start offering it for our customers?

We are seeing an increase in ransomware attacks in recent months and we are advising customers to change their virus protection from Windows Defender to something else.

Hackers are using PowerShell scripts to disable Windows Defender which then allows them to download ransomware tools and execute attacks on servers. Unfortunately this quite easy to do and it’s a very effective trick for hackers to get control of a server. Once the hacker does this they are able to encrypt all the data on the server and demand a payment by Bitcoin.

We are recommending ESET Endpoint Protection to all our customers (Web World are an official partner), the cost of this software is €100+VAT per year per server.


Is ESET managed from the unified console?
All ESET endpoints, including endpoints and mobiles, can be managed from our cloud-based unified management console ESET PROTECT.

How can ESET stop file less attacks?
ESET endpoint protection platforms have mitigations in place to detect malformed or hijacked applications to protect against file less attacks. 

How can ESET block targeted attacks?
ESET’s endpoint protection solutions use threat intelligence information based on their global presence to prioritize and effectively block the latest threats prior to their delivery anywhere else in the world. 

How can ESET safeguard the web browser?
Designed to protect an organization’s assets with a special layer of protection that focuses on the browser, as the main tool used to access critical data inside the intranet perimeter and in the cloud.

How can ESET improve a network attack protection?
ESET Network Attack Protection improves detection of known vulnerabilities on the network level.

How can ESET improve a botnet protection?
ESET Botnet Protection detects malicious communication used by botnets, and at the same time, identifies the offending processes. 

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