Daily, we get requests from clients to register the usual domain names. Most of them are usual domain names that end in .com or .ie. Very rarely do we run into a domain type which is also referred to as a “Premium Domain”. What is a premium domain you’re wondering, a premium domain has a very high value due to its potential of becoming a very popular website name. The reason they are different to normal domains is because the registrars put their registration price at a much higher price than normal. They can also up the cost of the renewals after registration and even transfers!

​All premium domains are different from each other, each registrar might own a couple of premium domains which they will value at their own idea of the domain. One premium domain might cost a couple thousand euro while the other might cost a hundred euro. For example, the domain food.me costs €7840 to register. Just to show another couple examples of domains, vaxe.com costs $28,999, cybermate.com costs $24,999 and vufu.com costs $42,999.

Why does this domain cost so much?

As I mentioned above, it can cost a lot because of the fact that it has a high potential of being a very popular website name. Or even from the past, the registrar saw that this domain attracted a lot of attention from the client and decided to up the price for the next person that will want to register the domain.

Can I check if a domain is premium?

There is no specific way to tell when a domain is “Premium”, there are many factors that go into the “Premium” statement. You can use a website such as name.com to check if a domain is premium. Simply type the domain name in and take a look at the results that come up, if a domain is declared premium then a purple banner will appear on top of the domain saying that it’s premium.

Is it worth buying a premium domain?

There is no specific answer to this question as it depends on the position of your business or anything related to the domain. As the example above, food.me cost over seven thousand euro and could be very important to a food provider.

The domain market is really an interesting place as it is constantly changing and evolving, there are constantly new extensions added into the market which allow a lot of new domains to get registered that will make surfing the web even more exciting than it already is!