We receive emails from our long term and new customers asking us the question, “Can you register a .ie domain for me”.

Of course we can register it for you, in fact, it’s so easy that all you need to do is send us 1 email with sufficient information and the rest is done!

First, you need to let us know what the domain name will be, for example let’s go with this domain name: ilovetacotuesdays.ie. Quite complex, I know.

We check if it’s available, if it is, we generate an invoice for you for 1 year unless you want it to be renewed for more, the max we can do is 10 years.

​After you pay the invoice we ask you to send an email with the information required.

Please refer to the information below and send the correct information to support@webworld.ie


We will need only ONE of the following documents to see your connection with Ireland as a company or self-employed person.

  • RBN Number
  • CRO Number
  • VAT Number
  • TAX Certificate from Ireland’s Revenue Comission

NOTE: When providing a CRO Number, we additionaly need a Staff Member’s details, that includes their Full Name, Phone Number, Address and email.


We will need only ONE of the following documents to see your connection with Ireland with personal Identity.

  • Irish Passport
  • Irish / Northern Irish driver’s licence (showing an Irish Address)
  • Irish / Northern Irish Bank Statement (showing an Irish Address)
  • Official College ID (College has to be recognised by the Department of Education)

​- Public Service Card
After we receive your documents we can pass it onto IEDR (.ie Domain Registry) and it roughly takes 4 hours for your domain to go live! That’s how simple it is to register a .ie domain!

Name servers will be set to our default name servers, you can change them yourself using the client area or email us at support@webworld.ie and we will change them for you.

IEDR (.IE Domain Registry) updates their DNS Settings every 2 hours so it’s handy if you wish to change your DNS settings with them.

That’s it, you’re set and your domain is live!


Let’s say you want to register another .ie domain, but you already own one, do you need to go through that procedure again?

No, you don’t! You send us a quick email wanting to register a new domain and we can register it for you straight away as your information was already verified with registering the first domain!

NOTE: Fast Pass only applies if that domain is registered with us, you cant register a domain with us using Fast Pass if the domain is in another provider.

If you have any queries please email support@webworld.ie and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can also reach us at TEL: (01) 495 1112, Monday to Friday, 9:00am – 18:00pm