What is the .nl domain?

Each country has their own ccTld (country code Top level domain) and it is used to make a website more popular within an area or country and also let you know what the website is about. The most popular and well known domains are .com, .NET and .org. A website with .org is normally a website about a non-profit organization like https://www.redcross.org, and a website with .gov is normally about a country’s government like https://www.usa..gov

As said earlier countries also have their own domains like Ireland with .ie, the UK with .uk and the Netherlands with .nl. Why does this matter? It’s good for local businesses to attract local customers. It also builds trust and confidence with the people who come from the same country.

Should I use .nl?

Every search engine ranks all websites that are relevant to you by domains, this is called the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This means that if you are in Ireland, and search for a website, most of those websites will have the .ie domain because you are in Ireland. This will applies to every country. 

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Pros of .nl

The Netherlands’ country domain (.nl) is one of the most popular country domains for a few reasons. The population heavily uses the internet with around 95% of the population using it which can attract many Dutch customers to your business.

The .nl domain is one of the cheapest domains for a country and has no special requirements to register your website with.

The Netherlands is also part of the European Union which means that the countries that are in the EU can buy goods online from the Netherlands and not pay customs duty when the goods arrive in that country.

The .nl is mainly used for people and businesses who live in and are based in the Netherlands. This means that people who want to use the .nl domain for their website need to have a big target market from Dutch people.