Life cycle of a domain

Life of a domain

The domain has a very interesting life if you could say so, strange right? Thinking that a domain may have a life or anything besides that it hosts your services. It all starts off from the day you register it at your chosen web hosting company.


Green Data Centre

Web World’s Green Data Centre

At Web World, we appreciate that as high consumers of energy we have a responsibility to ensure that our sustainability strategies are a priority and constantly under review.


Accessing Web Mail Directly

Accessing Webmail

There might have been a time where your outlook seemed to have stopped working and you needed urgent access to your email account, you searched through your mailbox looking for that email you got from us with your details to log into your hosting plan but no luck.


Premium Domains, what are they?

Premium Domain, what are they and how to find one?

Daily, we get requests from clients to register the usual domain names. Most of them are usual domain names that end in .com or .ie. Very rarely do we run into a domain type which is also referred to as a “Premium Domain”. What is a premium domain you’re wondering, a premium domain has a very high value due to its potential of becoming a very popular website name. The reason they are different to normal domains is because the registrars put their registration price at a much higher price than normal. They can also up the cost of the renewals after registration and even transfers!


My Emails are blocked please help!

My Emails are blocked!

We tend to get this call quite often in regards to users being blocked on our firewalls. There are multiple reasons why you can get blocked on our firewalls. The most common scenario is that you typed a password in too many times or a device that you’re logged in at is constantly trying to log in using a wrong password. In this short blog article I will be able to guide you through a quick tutorial that you can use in the future to check for yourself if you are blocked on the firewall.


Email Only Hosting

Get Your Own Proffesional Email

​A lot of businesses invest in a fancy website, but their emails are kept with Gmail or an unpopular email provider.  What would happen if you had to pay all of a sudden for your email account(s)? In this case, why not use the email which is free with your Hosting Plan!